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Pick a concern: size complex, trouble keeping it up, thin penis, erectile dysfunction. People will say it’s no big deal, but the issues are all very real when it’s your penis and your partner is who you want to please. Penis pumps offer temporary and often pleasant solutions to the size debate.

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Penis pumps give you a little extra everything

Size shouldn’t matter. It’s not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean, right? Except you want a bigger penis. You want more girth. You want to fill your partner up and have them screaming for more. For many nature didn’t make that easy. Maybe that’s not you. Maybe you used to get it up and keep there, going at it all night. Now age, weight, stress, or medical issues are messing with your hard-on. You just want to have decent sex again. This is what penis pumps were designed for – the guy who needs a little extra help.

The process is simple enough. Insert your penis into the vacuum pump. Turn it on or squeeze the bulb. Air will be drawn out of the pump, pulling more blood into your penis. Listen to your body and pace yourself. Slide a lasso style cock ring over your balls and shaft and tighten. Release the valve and gently remove the pump. Now it’s time to take advantage of that extra size.

FAQs About Penis Pumps

I want to use a penis pump but I’m embarrassed to tell my partner. What should I do?

Let’s be honest for a minute. Don’t be afraid. Sit down with your partner and have a heart to heart. Its ok to use a pump. Many men with erectile dysfunction rely on penis pumps every day. Being open and telling your partner you want to try a  pump might feel awkward at first, but it’s the best route to take. 

Should I use my penis pump alone or is it okay to use while my partner watches?

How you use your penis pump is up to you and your partner. Definitely tell them about it. Penis pumps enhance your body and your experience. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. If approached in an open and honest way, you might even make it part of foreplay. Do it together and it’ll feel less awkward and more normal. Ideally, you’ll both think it’s no big deal and have fun together with your penis pump.

Do I need to use lube with my penis pump?

A thin layer of water based lubricant around the bottom of the vacuum pump that sits against your skin is recommended. It keeps the pump from irritating your skin and helps create a better seal to draw more air out and more blood up.

Will the effects be permanent?

Whatever size you’re able to achieve with the penis pump will only be temporary. It is possible that with enough regular use you may see increased size or an increased ability to stay hard during sex over time.

I think I have erectile dysfunction. Should I go to the doctor or just get a penis pump?

If you think you have erectile dysfunction and haven’t been diagnosed, you should definitely see a doctor. There may be treatments they can offer. You can use a penis pump in the meantime if it improves sex and masturbation for you.

I don’t have a size or hard-on problem. Can I still use a penis pump?

Absolutely! Some people enjoy the feeling of the rising pressure (and blood) while using their penis pump. And if it makes you harder or more sensitive during sex, that’s not so bad either. Cheque the measurements of any penis pump you’re considering to make sure you’ll fit in the pump with room to grow.