Sexy Underwear For Men

You probably didn’t think you could find sexy men’s underwear anywhere, right? After all, you go to the men’s side of the department store, boxer briefs or silk boxers are about as sexy as it gets and, outside of feeling great, there’s really nothing sexy about a pair of silk boxers – too mundane.

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Get Right To The Point

So, having that traditional elastic band is important. Whether at work or some other function, should the shirt rise up it is necessary to have the elastic band there, giving the illusion of underwear. It is also fun to have it there, giving the appearance of traditional underwear when becoming intimate with a lover… but then, when the pants come down, the surprise is revealed: there is no pouch! With the Nylon Spandex Pouchless Brief, everything looks business as usual, until the pants are down – then all of the manly goodies are there, ready and waiting.

Men's nylon spandex pouchless brief

Get Jacked With A Jock

Sometimes there really is something sexy about a jockstrap. No, not that old white thing you used to wear in high school. With a fun jockstrap, it becomes sexy, like the Jack Adams Rugby Jockstrap 3.0. It shows off all of your sexiness and yet is designed to be comfortable as well. It has the dual straps to add some visual interest and it is much more than just a pouch. It is a sexy, seductive piece of men’s underwear! 

rugby jockstrap

Nylon Is Not Just For Women

Nylon is more than just a material for women’s stockings. Nylon can be used with anything while giving the illusion of skin tone and everything else that is underneath. This is why the Male Power Sheer Nylon Lycra Pouch Thong is truly a fun piece of sexy men’s underwear. The strap and elastic is solid black, so it still looks like a normal pair of men’s clothing, but the pouch is all sheer nylon and very sexy!

Sheer Nylon Lycra Pouch Thong

To truly take it up a notch and have some genuine fun with men’s underwear, going with the sexy options from Jack and Jill Adult Store can really boost your sex appeal. And with plenty of different options, there is truly something for everyone.